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Mogadishu. Beautiful cloudscapes, bombed out buildings, heavy clouds hurrying in from the sea, lots of interesting-looking buildings frustratingly glimpsed through tinted windows in an armoured car. I have rather taken to the place.

P1070252 P1070261 P1070265

Meanwhile, however, awful news out of the Central African Republic about the death of Camille Lepage. Camille was tough and smart and kind and funny, incredibly talented and incredibly committed to the stories that she covered. The internet has been overflowing with articles and tributes since her body was found on Tuesday; it seems astoundingly unfair that her death had to bring about the recognition she deserved – and, perhaps, greater recognition of the conflict that she was covering.

Camille did outstanding and important work. Here is some of it.

Instagram / Photoshelter / the Huffington Post / the Washington Post / the New Yorker / the BBC / the New York Times.


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May 15, 2014 at 2:37 pm

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