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Reading ‘Fun Home’ in Glasgow

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The book: Fun Home, Alison Bechdel

The place: in bed, at home in Glasgow

Oh lovely, lovely flat, in which I am all too rarely! The photo above represents the utterest bliss: book, bed, an open window, late Glasgow spring (equivalent to winter in many places, but still), Radio 3 (not pictured). I realise that the intense joy I get from such a simple thing is because it is so rare, but sometimes I wish it were slightly less so.

And look, an actual paper book, with pages and a cover and weight and heft! I adore my Kindle beyond all reason – it is technology beyond the wildest dreams of my teenage self, who carefully curated her three longest and best-loved books to take with her on a three-month student exchange to Germany* – or indeed even my self of five years ago, when I moved to Khartoum with three-quarters of my luggage allowance taken up by books. But practicality aside, reading an actual physical book remains a delight. And of course for comic books, hardcopy’s more or less then only option, unless I decide to upgrade to a Kindle Fire or similar, which I have no desire to do. (No thank you, I do not want unfettered internet access on the device I primarily use for reading. I know technically that one can browse the internet on a Paperwhite, but a friend once described the Kindle ‘experimental browser’ as the way people in the early 1990s imagined the internet, and that is spot-on.)

I’d never actually read any Bechdel before, despite being vaguely aware of Dykes to Watch Out For and, of course, the fabulous Bechdel Test. But Fun Home is wonderful: erudite and thoughtful and funny and moving all at once. I was sorry to finish it.

*The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley; Fatherland, Thomas Harris; and … something by Jilly Cooper. Polo? Rivals?


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May 21, 2014 at 2:24 pm

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