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The books: The Examined Life, Stephen Grosz / Darkness Visible, William Styron / Half Bad, Sally Green

The place(s): Whitebrook to London to Nairobi

Best thing about lengthy periods of travel, particularly air travel (where there is no wifi, and it is more or less impossible to do any work because the dude in the seat in front has effectively got his head in your lap): uninterrupted reading time. I started reading The Examined Life at my parents’ place (and liked it enormously; it reminded me quite a lot of Theodore Zeldin’s Intimate History of Humanity, in its compassionate examination of the vagaries of human existence, without trying to offer much by way of conclusion or resolution), and finished it on the train between Newport and London; I then started Darkness Visible, reading it on the Heathrow Express and while waiting to check in and while queuing for an astounding 45 minutes at security (resulting in me having to run for the gate so as not to get offloaded) – and then I started Half Bad on the plane, finishing it while queuing for immigration in JKIA, at an ungodly hour of the morning. That is good, solid reading time (and I even managed to sleep for a few hours in the middle of it. Good going, self!).

And: back to East Africa. Onwards.

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June 10, 2014 at 2:24 pm

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