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Reading too many things, Brenu Beach, Ghana

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2015-02-11 12.35.25

In a tro-tro between Accra and Cape Coast

Rule of thumb: take your holidays where and when you can. A couple of weeks ago, when I had just arrived in Abuja, I ended up having a late-night Skype chat with my friend C. C. and I met in January 2012 in Rabat through CouchSurfing, and ended up travelling together from Morocco through Western Sahara and Mauritania to Senegal (I continued on solo to Guinea Bissau and the Gambia, returning home six weeks after I’d set off for a Marrakech mini-break for new year and a friend’s birthday). We hadn’t seen each other since parting ways in Dakar, but now he’s working on Ebola response in Liberia and I was in Nigeria and he had R&R coming up and I had to get out of Nigeria for the elections (subsequently postponed, though that announcement wasn’t made until I’d left the country), and so it made perfect sense (once the visa wrangles had been resolved) for us to meet for a few days in Ghana. It has been a gorgeous, and beach-focussed few days, though we did make occasional sorties to Elmina and Cape Coast, to see the castles there, and to Kakum Forest. We also spent a great deal of time immersed in water, eating things from the sea, and drinking coconut water and rum straight from the coconut. Luxury.


Breakfast of champions.

My reading has been less successful; I finished Mary Renault’s The Persian Boy (sequel to Fire from Heaven) a couple of days ago, and haven’t been able to settle to anything since, though I am (shamefully) partway through ten different books. The Persian Boy is followed by Funeral Games, which I have bought, but I am trying to resist reading it immediately, as a) I don’t want to compound the book hangover from which I am already suffering, and b) Funeral Games takes place predominantly after the death of Alexander the Great, and WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT ANY MORE. *sobs* However as I type I am sat at the gate at Accra Airport, waiting to board a flight for Dubai and then Glasgow (a rather roundabout way home, but significantly quicker and cheaper than the Accra – Abuja – Addis Ababa – Nairobi – London – Glasgow route that I was going to take, until C. very sensibly talked me out of it), and so I am going to have to find something in which to immerse myself.


Kakum Forest


Schoolgirls at Elmina Castle




Elmina boats


Cape Coast Castle


Mending nets outside Cape Coast Castle


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February 11, 2015 at 4:02 pm

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