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Brenu Beach, Ghana, from earlier in the month

Sometimes a month just gets away from you, yes? Particularly February, which is alarmingly short – you’re just getting over it being January and then February whips by in a flash and then it’s March, which is more or less (northern hemisphere) spring and that’s it, the year’s pretty much over and you’ve got to start thinking about 2016.

This month I have been in Nigeria and then Ghana and then Glasgow for a few days (home for the first time in two months!) and then Wales and then Nairobi and now back in Mogadishu, for the last few days. Everyone seems to think I’m being sarcastic when I say this, but it’s nice to be back after being out of the country for three months, longer than I had hoped, for various reasons. It’s been interesting times in Somalia lately, a whole new cabinet and, it seems, a slightly new Al Shabaab strategy of targeting the government much more, which keeps one on one’s toes.

Books of note, over the last couple of weeks: Us, by David Nicholls, which was warm and funny and thoughtful and kind; and At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O’Neill (whither Jamie O’Neill?), which I have been meaning to read for at least ten years and which was everything I hoped it would be. I want to exhort Jamie O’Neill through the ether to WRITE MORE BOOKS, but then actually I rather admire writers who choose just to stop for a while rather than churning something out on a regular schedule just to keep the public interested. (That said, I’m very grateful also for writers like Tana French who do high-quality churning, and on whom I think I can rely to publish something awesome in 2016.)


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February 28, 2015 at 3:46 pm

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