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Reading ‘The Establishment’ in South Wales

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2015-03-29 08.55.55

The book: The Establishment, Owen Jones

The place: Whitebrook, South Wales


Less than five weeks to go before the election, and so I thought I should whip myself into a preparatory rage. This book is doing the trick, though unfortunately the rage is combined with utter despair, thanks to the concept of the Overton Window and the lack of distance between the main parties and how utterly entrenched inequality is in this country. Meanwhile I have been googling secluded Scottish properties and considering setting up my own anarchist commune in preparation for the imminent collapse of society. Hurrah!

Photo above taken in the blasted hellscape that is Heathrow Central Coach Station, just off an overnight flight from Nairobi, and about to get on a coach to Chepstow. I have since been ensconced in the Wye Valley, enjoying the blustery spring weather, spending too much money on the sort of luxury items I can’t get in Somalia, and drinking wine with my parents. It has been lovely, and a good antidote for the intense fury that The Establishment has induced in me.


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April 1, 2015 at 3:59 pm

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