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Reading ‘Finders Keepers’ on a train

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2015-06-06 15.58.00

(Drafted post, took photo, lost photo, replaced it with a random photo taken from a train between Germany and Italy several days later. Oops.)

The book: Finders Keepers, Stephen King

The place: Train between South Wales and Glasgow

Yes, all right, this was actually three days ago and I am now in a completely different country (Germany!) reading a completely different book, but still: new Stephen King always deserves a mention. I referred to Tana French as an example of a super-reliable author a while back, but Stephen King is even more so: two books a year, pretty much every year, despite his claims that he was retiring after his accident a few years back. Come off it, Stephen. You’re in this for life.

I thought this was ace: a sequel to last year’s Mr Mercedes and – as that was – a fairly straightforward detective story with very little by way of supernatural elements (mostly just a teaser for what I guess is coming in the next book). Something that I’ve always found fascinating in King’s works is how much he writes about writing, and his unease with the role of the writer: so many of his books and stories involve writers coming to bad ends, getting too caught up in their work (The Dark Half, Secret Window) or spawning lunatic fans (Misery, obviously) or just the whole idea of the author as God, which he explores in the Dark Tower books (which I adore). Finders Keepers, however, is the first book of King’s that I can think of that’s more from the perspective of the reader, and it’s a great evocation of the power of books and their ability to inspire obsession.

“For readers, one of life’s most electrifying discoveries is that they are readers – not just capable of doing it … but in love with it. Hopelessly. Head over heels. The first book that does that is never forgotten, and each page seems to bring a fresh revelation, one that burns and exalts. Yes! That’s how it is! Yes! I saw that too! And, of course, That’s what I think! That’s what I FEEL!


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June 7, 2015 at 3:02 pm

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