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Reading ‘Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour’ in travel hell

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The book: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, Morgan Matson

The place: everywhere

The photo above was taken late at night at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, shortly before I boarded a flight that ushered in 36 hours of genuine travel hell, involving an overnight flight from Rome to Addis to Nairobi, deportation from Kenya for having been in an Ebola zone within the preceding three weeks, nine hours of detention in the Port Health basement of Nairobi Airport, being put on a flight back to Addis with no information about whether or when I would be able to fly on from there or whether Ethiopia would let me into the country, bursting into tears in front of an Ethiopian Airways employee at midnight on Saturday when they informed me that the next flight to London was at 11.30 on Monday morning, maxing out my bank’s limit to withdraw a small brick of birr to buy my way onto a 4am flight to Cairo, desperately trying to change my remaining birr into either dollars or euros so I would have enough money to buy an Egyptian visa (as I wasn’t going to be able to withdraw any more money that day) and being told that the banks wouldn’t do so because I didn’t have an Ethiopian visa, and, when finally arriving in Cairo, discovering that not only had my bag not made it, but that no one had the slightest idea where it was because the woman who’d checked me in in Rome hadn’t given me the correct tag. I travel so much that it takes a lot to make me lose my composure, but this did it. However, a couple of days later, and a couple of good nights’ sleep, I’m feeling a lot more sanguine about everything; my bag has been located (though it is yet to arrive), and I have moved in with my former Cairo flatmate for the rest of the week. Besides, Cairo is one of my all-time favourite cities, and travel catastrophe aside, I’m very happy to spend a week here, revisiting old haunts from when I lived here in 2013-14.

In any case, said travel disaster came on the heels of an absolutely glorious week in Italy, so it was probably required for karmic redress.


Cloud over Verona




My companion and me, San Marino


Oh, Sienaaaaaaaa! (Could not stop singing this the entire time I was there.)


Siena pigeons


Malfatti with shaved truffles. Possibly the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.


The view from our Siena accommodation


Tuscan winetasting


Sunset over the Tiber, final night


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June 16, 2015 at 4:16 pm

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