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2015-08-02 11.02.08

Shard. ❤

No book, because I’m having one of my periodic phases where I find it impossible to settle to a single book, where all books seem appealing but none are really grabbing me. Location-wise, I am writing from the gate at Schiphol Airport, because I sensibly decided to eschew the horrors of Heathrow in order to fly from Glasgow to Nairobi via Amsterdam. I had nostalgically remembered Schiphol as a deeply civilised airport, and envisaged an hour or two eating stroopwafel and enjoying a water massage and perhaps taking in the Rijksmuseum Annex; instead, I found the airport under renovation, and have just had to do a twenty-minute speedwalk from my arrival gate to my departure gate, for fear of actually missing my flight. Next time, Schiphol; next time.

I was in the UK for all of 72 hours, the shortest turnaround so far this year. I did, however, manage to pack it in: attended a day of the Clear Lines Festival, of which my magnificent friend Winnie was one of the organisers; and had a visit from an old Juba friend in Glasgow, which gave me the excuse to do the sort of touristy things that I have shamefully never done, despite having (nominally) lived in Glasgow (on and very much off) since 2007.

Saw a rather magnificent off-shore windfarm on descent into Schiphol. I am not quite an objectophiliac in manner of the legendary woman who is married to the Berlin Wall, but I do tend to imbue certain structures with a degree of noble sentience. Such is my love for wind turbines, and, of course, my imaginary skyscraper boyfriend, the Shard.

2015-08-03 17.02.01

Glasgow Necropolis. I’ve lived in Glasgow on and off since 2007 and had never visited before. For shame.

2015-08-03 18.25.28

Buchanan Street peacock


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August 4, 2015 at 12:06 pm

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