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Reading ‘Perdido Street Station’ in Juba

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2015-09-17 18.39.15

The book: Perdido Street Station, China Mieville

The place: Juba


Back in Juba this morning, after a few days in Nairobi having meetings and waiting to get my South Sudan entry permit. (Really must get a multiple entry visa sometime soon.) Also indulging in my other Nairobi-related pleasures: sushi delivery, and too much shopping.

For the record (and possibly to be updated on an ongoing basis), a short list of my favourite Nairobi-based shops and / or designers:

Kiko Romeo: mostly clothes, but also some jewellery, made by Kenyan designers. One of my very good friends got her wedding dress there, and it is bloody gorgeous.

Made: jewellery. I have far too many Made pieces.

Sandstorm: leather and canvas bags. Can one ever have too many bags? Yes.

Mille Collines: clothes and jewellery. They do a really good line in subtle use of kitenge, which makes me feel like less of a culturally appropriating cliche.

Adele Dejak: oh god I love her stuff. I have been wandering wide-eyed around her shop for over a year (not continuously), admiring her jewellery but feeling certain that I couldn’t pull off e.g. an enormous horn cuff. But then I saw this, and could not resist.

Kazuri beads: cheap(ish) and cheerful.

And OK, while I’m at it, my favourite places to shop in South Sudan:

House of Bany: one of a few South Sudanese designers popping up. I have a fantastic tanktop from here.

The Roots Project: possibly the longest standing craft shop in South Sudan?

Lady Lomin: weaving from Kajokeji.

Lulu Life: gorgeous shea butter products.


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September 28, 2015 at 5:47 pm

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