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Two weeks ago today I arrived in Nairobi from Kinshasa, and haven’t left Kenya since. I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve been in Kenya at a stretch since I was purporting to live here in 2014, or possibly, actually, ever, as back then I was going back and forth to Somalia so much. This particular sojourn could not have worked out more perfectly, as I had some meetings last week and some meetings this week and nothing planned in between, which meant that I have been able to perfectly slot in a pair of mini-breaks with friends.

  1. A long weekend at Olerai House, Tiwi. Enormous open-plan house with two friendly (if flea-ridden) Labradors, views down over the lawns to the sea, a saltwater pool with a goddamn waterslide going into it, and a brilliant staff who made absolutely delicious meals appear out of the kitchen at regular intervals (their ginger crab is one of the best things that has ever gone in my face). Oh, and a cave that you can dine in. I went diving one day with a couple of friends, and we saw no fewer than six turtles, but the rest of the time was spent lolling about on various horizontal surfaces or being immersed in various bodies of water.

P3070161 P3050143

P3070164 P3060151


  • Two nights in Naboisho Camp in the Masai Mara. We slept in luxurious tents and woke up before dawn every day and went out on amazing game drives, where we saw a plethora of lions and lion cubs, and a four-month old baby elephant who tried to scare us with a mock charge, and a solitary cheetah (at night, which we curb-crawled for a good twenty minutes as it searched for a quiet place to digest its bellyful of impala), and a melee of hyenas, jackals and vultures tearing apart an impala carcass while we watched, G&Ts in our hands, as the sun set in an explosion of colour behind a cloud of rain. AND (best bit): TWO LEOPARDS, something that I had never seen before and which I dearly wanted to spot, but barely dared to hope, as I knew it was so unlikely – but Naboisho delivered.



20160311_071607 20160310_071658

20160310_182449 20160310_174541

20160310_172529 20160310_185140

Got back to Nairobi last Friday, spent the weekend working flat out to make up for the days I’ve missed, and this week has been less dramatic in its joys and excitements, but still pretty wonderful: catching up with a lot of friends, having the sorts of work meetings that remind me how lucky I am in my job, and eating an obscene amount of sushi. It has been good.


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March 17, 2016 at 9:52 am

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