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Reading on transport in Sri Lanka

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The book (1): A Glasgow Gang Observed, James Patrick


The book (2): The Professional, Ashok Ferrey

  1. Sitting halfway out of the second class train carriage on my way down through the mountains and the jungle from Kandy, the plains heat rising up to meet us, and then the rain, the threads of lightning, the paddy fields like silver.
  2. In the back of a tuktuk heading south from Colombo, the sea huge and heaving on one side, skeletons of houses rising out of the greenery and collections of tsunami graves by the roadside.


Some photos from lately:


Mount Lavinia beach, looking back towards the Colombo skyline


Temple of the Tooth, Kandy. I thought the Buddhist monk picture, bottom left, was having a quiet and contemplative solo chant, but he was just on his phone.


Sigiriya, known to some of the more irreverent of my friends as “Titty Mountain” owing to the very breast-focused rock paintings halfway up. A word of advice: do not climb this at the hottest part of the day.




Dambulla cave temples. My Sri Lanka-resident brother had named these as his favourite thing to see in Sri Lanka, and so I’d visited based on his recommendation alone, knowing very little about what I was going to see. I should do this sort of thing more often, as the fact that I hadn’t seen any photos of the site ahead of time really intensified the experience, and it was probably the single highlight of the trip.


Gadaladeniya Temple, near Kandy.


One of my favourite things to see outside a Buddhist temple. 

Mirissa beach

Mirissa Beach.


Nbd just a GODDAMN WHALE. I think this was a Southern Wright but we did also see a Blue Whale; sadly my photos of it didn’t really work out.


Mirissa Harbour.


Stormy Galle. I timed my visit to Galle almost comically badly, arriving at the same time as a 1 May political rally, meaning that my tuktuk from Mirissa had to drop me around 4km from where I was intending to go, and I ended up effectively marching through town in the thick of the rally, surrounded by boisterous blue-clad political supporters and exuberant Kandyan dancers. Happily most of my fellow ralliers and onlookers were more entertained than anything else to see a clueless foreigner wearing parrot-patterned shorts marching in the middle of a political parade, but it was a little discombobulating.


Sunset, my final night. Thanks, Sri Lanka! x


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May 2, 2016 at 9:03 am

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