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Reading ‘The Steel Remains’ in Glasgow

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The book: The Steel Remains, Richard Morgan

The place: Milk Cafe, Glasgow


I’ve never been entirely convinced by your typical sword and sorcery and maybe some dragons-style fantasy; it’s been through so many iterations that it’s hard to find anything truly original there. (Maybe. Not that I’m a fantasy aficionado or anything; I may well be talking out my arse.) However this – recommended by my friend Leda, whose recommendations I should always trust – has turned out to be a stonking read: robustly written and gloriously, humanly violent (something I probably shouldn’t like as much as I do) with a cast of awful-yet-likeable characters whom I want to know much, much more about. Good thing it’s the first in a trilogy, then.

Reading in gorgeously sunny Glasgow, where I have lucked out to be on one of the few days of summer. When I first moved to Glasgow in 2007, my then-boyfriend, Glaswegian born and bred, told me the problem with Glasgow summers are that they only last about ten days, and those ten days can take place at any point between around April and October. This is depressingly true: I’d probably go for a shorter summer and a harsher winter if only one could guarantee a period of time in which the weather would certainly good. But when you happen upon one of the days of summer, it is semi-magical, and the city is transformed into a bit of a wonderland, taps aff notwithstanding. My favourite thing about this time of year is watching the light seep out of the sky somewhere between nine and ten in the evening, pink and grey to the northwest: it always reminds me of why I’d be hard pressed to live anywhere else, these days.


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May 10, 2016 at 9:37 am

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